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Sukinyo has a new packaging for you to try out the amazing results that ECB could deliver. On top of beautifying every inch of your skin, ECB boosts our immune system with loads of anti-oxidation properties.


ECB 7 days 隆重登场✨

更加便捷的包装,能让你在一个星期中就能体验到能量肽能够为你呈现的效果💯 除了能够提升我们每一份肌肤的状态,同时也能很有效的提升我们身体的抵抗力,保护自己也保护家人❤️



🌸Energy Cell Booster 🌸

Highly effective in preventing cell damage

Beyond your imagination ☺️

Try and discover a miracle🌈


🌸Improve skin condition

🌸Reduces pores

🌸Improve dark circles

🌸Prevent dry eyes

🌸Prevent periodontitis

🌸Prevent esophageal reflux

🌸Prevent urinary tract infections

🌸Prevent cystitis

🌸Prevent arthritis



高效预防细胞被破坏 超乎你的想象服用发现奇迹











总的来说 , 没有「肽」就没有生命,没有「肽」就再也无法美丽 #美丽需要有肽度 *不适合糖尿病者,血糖高者,18以下者使用*

7 days ECB

  • We deliver within Malaysia.

    West Malaysia:
    RM11 / shipment

    East Malaysia:
    Sarawak - RM14 / shipment
    Sabah - RM16 / shipment