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Essential oil soap. Limited 200 units.


Sukinyo 精油保肤宁是市场上首个研发成功的抗蓝光精油全身保肤宁。


Good Morning

🌸 SPF 30 +++

🌸 抗蓝光,抗自由基,防晒

🌸 美白,去角质

🌸 淡斑,清除褐色斑点

🌸 保湿


Good Night

🌸 再生细胞,促进胶原蛋白生成

🌸 保湿修复

🌸 舒缓紧张情绪

🌸 调节好的荷尔蒙

🌸 安眠


"早晚“都要面对的问题 不如现在解决!


*Good Morning 含有防晒成分 不适合2岁以下宝宝

*Good Night 适合任何年龄层



一盒两支 (Good Morning 和 Good Night)






Sukinyo Anti-Blue Light Essential Oil  Lotion is the first full body lotion in the market with such benefits.


Good Morning

🌸 SPF 30 +++

🌸 Anti-blue light, anti-free radical, sunscreen

🌸 Whitening, exfoliation

🌸 Lighten blemishes, eliminate brown spots

🌸 Moisturizing


Good Night

🌸 Regenerate cells and collagen

🌸 Moisturizing and repairing

🌸 Release tension

🌸 Balance hormone

🌸 Helps on imsonia


Prevention is always better than cure.

Start to protect your skin today!


*Good Morning contains sunscreen element, not suitable for babies 2 years old and below.

*Good Night is suitable for all age group.


Travel size sukinyo lotion packaging makes it convenient to protect your skin anytime, anywhere ❤️


Comes in a pair. Good Morning lotion and Good Night lotion.

20ml each 

40ml in total.

Sukinyo Anti-Bluelight Essential Oil Lotion Travel Set (精油保肤宁-旅游装)

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    RM11 / shipment

    East Malaysia:
    Sarawak - RM14 / shipment
    Sabah - RM16 / shipment